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How To Get Rid Of hives


How To Get Rid Of Hives Fast At Home

Are you suffering from hives? Want to know how to get rid of hives fast? If your answer to both of these questions was YES then continue reading! This website was created by myself in order for me to showcase some natural remedies I used to help me cure my hives.

A Little About Me

A little about me first, I started suffering hives at the young age of 23, and had been suffering from it for almost 8 months before I finally got rid of it. It was no doubt, a very miserable period of my life, especially since my hives was clearly visible to the world. My hives was on my upper right arm and whenever I wore a t-shirt or short sleeved shirt, my right arm would have a huge red spot. This no doubt affected my self conscious, I was personally afraid of going out in short sleeved shirts and tried my very best to wear long sleeved shirts whenever possible.

Get Rid Of Hives

After searching and testing various treatments and remedies found both online and from friends, I have decided to compile a short list of what has worked for me. Hopefully others that are also suffering from hives can learn a few thing or two from these. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of hives.

The first remedy I loved and found great success with is Aloe Vera. I absolutely love Aloe Vera, not because it is so effective against so many other conditions but also because it is cheap and really easy to access. You can use both fresh Aloe Vera extract or an Aloe Vera based cream, it is up to you and your preferences. Aloe Vera can be used for many other skin conditions and hives is no doubt one of those, to apply this remedy you just have to repeatedly apply it every day. Make sure that you clean the affected area beforehand, preferably in lukewarm water, then apply the gel and let it rest and soak in for about an hour before washing it off. It is recommended that you do this at least twice a day but it is up to you.

The second remedy that I used was Licorice Root Tea. My close friend showed me how to get rid of hives using this treatment, and I am about to show it to you too. The reason why licorice root tea works so well is that It reduces the inflammation caused by hives. But it is important to remember that taking an excessive amount can be dangerous, similarly, if you are suffering from any other disease such as diabetes, then do not use this. To apply this remedy, just brew some licorice root tea for about 15 minutes and drink it once a day. If you want to , you can also add a bit of honey to spice it up as well as add some flavoring.

The third home remedy for hives is Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply cider vinegar is a rather common treatment option for various other skin conditions, it is also quite popular in curing hives. Apple cider vinegar is made from apples, yeast and bacteria that can help get rid of your hives. What I did to apply this remedy, was create a pastry like mixture with corn starch and apple cider vinegar. The end result looks like a mushy paste, use this paste and apply it onto the skin after taking a bath. It’ll help relieve the stress and pain from the hives. It is also most effective after a bath. Another very similar remedy that a friend showed me was baking soda. Before using this I was skeptical but after he showed me how to get rid of hives using it, I was convinced. Baking soda is very similar to apple cider vinegar, it contains anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties that allows your skin to breathe and relieve the inflammation. Applying this remedy is also very easy, mix baking soda with lukewarm water and create a paste with it, after you’ve created a paste with it you have to apply it onto the affected area. Let it rest and sit on the skin for about 10-15 minutes before taking it off. Repeat this once a day every day.

If you’ve followed these remedies, you will no doubt find success. Hopefully I have shown you how to get rid of hives at home. These home remedies for hives are really easy to use and apply, they can all be found at home and many are rather cheap.

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